472 Broome Street

New York NY 10013

Mon-Fri, 12pm-8pm

Sun, 12pm-7pm


BIGGERCODE Gallery was founded with the boutique in SoHo in 2017, with the mission of bringing art to a broader audience and nurturing emerging artists. It has established its reputation for introducing fresh, contemporary, and often interactive work by rising talents around the world. 


Today, the Gallery operates on its own, but still share the same audience and create a central lifestyle must-go with the boutique. It is one of the remaining galleries in Soho, and has a reputation as one of the foremost galleries specializing emerging artists at all ages. The Gallery's programming encompasses exhibiting, artists talk and events, art organization collaboration, artists residency participation, immersive art projects and social engagement,  aiming to promote recognition, awareness and access to emerging artists from East to West. 


Inquiry: Michelle Yu  gallery@biggercode.com


Current Exhibition

Howard Gross
Nov 1 - 26 2017
Opening Reception: Nov 1 Wednesday 6-8pm




Group Show

12/4 - 12/20  2017





Fuyou: Staying Drifting

Senbo Yang

OFF-OF   The Bright Side, BIGGERCODE Gallery



Xiaohe Shen, Dawei Wang, Qieer Wang, Meiyi Yang



Close, but not touching

Curated by James Chen and Kristen Lee


The Bright Side

Gregory Moncada and Kate Hush